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The Worlds We Know is now available in print. You can pick up a copy in our Veterinary Hospital.

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At the heart of Trudy Wade’s first science fiction novel lies a troubling question:
Can redemption be found millennia after a crime is committed?
The question haunts Lar, a warrior, who must pay the price for what his ancestors did to the inhabitants of Eran so long ago.
That price will transform him – as it will everyone who reads The Worlds We Know by Trudy Wade.

Jamestown Veterinary Hospital
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Jamestown Veterinary Hospital: Distinctive Veterinary Care

From the Doctor

October has arrived but the warm weather is still with us. Remember to prepare your pets for their environment.  Be sure to provide fresh water for your pets during these warm days when they are outside.  You need to provide a shady area, which will help keep your pets cool.


We also need to consider other factors, which will keep our pets comfortable and healthy during the warm weather. The best prevention is to keep your pets on a monthly treatment plan for heartworms and fleas throughout the year. With the mild winter we have experienced, the fleas will probably be more severe this year.  Washing the blankets and bedding on a regular basis will help keep fleas and ticks off your pets.

During the month of October many of us celebrate Halloween. Keep your pets safe during this holiday. The decorations, treats and scary costumes can be dangerous and frightening for your pets.

It is tempting to take your dog along for trick or treat, but it is best to keep your pets inside on Halloween. It will be less stressful for them if they have a room separate from the trick or treaters.

If you have an outdoor cat, keep your pet inside several days before and after Halloween to minimize the risk of cruelty related pranks.

Remember to keep the Halloween candy in containers out of your pet's reach. Chocolate is to pets and many candies can make your pet sick.

We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and your pet to assist in your pet’s needs for the fall.

- Dr. Wade

Heartworms and Fleas

Giving heartworm and flea preventative year round provides optimal protection.

Don't forget to ask about the products we carry.

Welcome to Jamestown Veterinary Hospital

Jamestown Veterinary Hospital is centrally located between Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem in Jamestown North Carolina. Dr. Trudy Wade has owned and operated Jamestown Veterinary Hospital since 1983, providing our pet families distinctive veterinary care.

Our trained staff always takes special care to focus on the whole pet - from birth through the senior years - providing services which include preventive medicine, medical treatments, surgery, diagnosis of disease, emergencies and nutritional counseling.

We welcome walk-in patients although emergency patients are seen immediately. All elective surgeries must be scheduled in advance with Dr. Wade.

We are very glad you are here. Please take some time and browse our website to learn more about our services and our facility.

Our Hospital Hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30a - 5:30p
Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00a - 4:00p
Saturday 8:00a - 12:00p

Call us for an appointment.

Boarding pick up and drop off is available on Saturday from 8a - 12:00p.

These discounts are available for you during the month
of October at Jamestown Veterinary Hospital

One Free Exam

Present this coupon and receive 1 Free Office Exam for any pet during your first visit to Jamestown Veterinary Hospital throughout the month of October.
Not valid with any other offers.

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