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Jamestown Veterinary Hospital: Distinctive Veterinary Care

From the Doctor

Winter brings cooler weather and potentially more family visits as we tend to spend more time indoors. This can add stress for your family pet and they may require special attention during this time.

Keeping your cat indoors during the winter is especially important because of the potential dangers during the colder months. Outdoor felines sometimes hide under the hoods of warm cars and can be injured or killed by the fan belt when the motor is started.

More dogs are lost during the winter than any other time during the year. Because they lose their scent in the snow, you should not let your dog off their lead in the winter months. It is very important to keep your pet’s collar on and the information on his ID tag up to date.

Visitors in the home change the normal routine of your family and your pet. The loud noises, running children and additional people can easily overwhelm and stress your pet. Make sure they have an area that is considered their own space where they can retreat from the visitors in your home. You should feed your pet in an area that is removed from your guests. Expending your pet’s energy by taking your pet for a long walk before your guests arrive may make the holiday more calm and festive for everyone.

This time of year may create the temptation for you and your pet to eat more than usual. A change in your pet’s diet may lead to digestive issues. It is much better for your pet if you feed them their normal food and give love and attention as a treat.

We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and your pet to assist in your pet’s needs for the fall.

Happy Winter,

- Dr. Wade

For our clients:

If you and your pet would like to join our pet families page, please submit a picture and your
information to jamestownvet@northstate.net .

Heartworms and Fleas

Giving heartworm and flea preventative year round provides optimal protection.

Don't forget to ask about the products we carry.

Welcome to Jamestown Veterinary Hospital

Jamestown Veterinary Hospital is centrally located between Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem in Jamestown North Carolina. Dr. Trudy Wade has owned and operated Jamestown Veterinary Hospital since 1983, providing our pet families distinctive veterinary care.

Our trained staff always takes special care to focus on the whole pet - from birth through the senior years - providing services which include preventive medicine, medical treatments, surgery, diagnosis of disease, emergencies and nutritional counseling.

We welcome walk-in patients although emergency patients are seen immediately. All elective surgeries must be scheduled in advance with Dr. Wade.

We are very glad you are here. Please take some time and browse our website to learn more about our services and our facility.

Our Hospital Hours are Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7:30a - 5:30p
Wednesday from 10:00a - 2:00p
Saturday 8:00a - 12:00p

Call us for an appointment.

Boarding pick up and drop off is available on Saturday from 8a - 12:00p.

These discounts are available for you during the month
of May at Jamestown Veterinary Hospital

One Free Exam

Present this coupon and receive 1 Free Office Exam for any pet during your first visit to Jamestown Veterinary Hospital throughout the month of May.
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Dr. Dawkins

We welcome Dr. Dawkins as he begins working with us at Jamestown Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Dawkins received his DVM from Auburn University in Auburn Alabama.

He has been practicing veterinary medicine for over thirty years. His interests include internal medicine, dermatology, and cardiology. He and his wife Janice have 11 cats, 5 dogs and 1 possum.
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