Vet Lab

In-house IDEXX Laser Cyte, Vet Lab Station- Vet Test 8008 & Snap Reader Series II,  Vet Lyte, Na+ K+ Cl- Analyzer and Stat Spin provide an immediate single report for a comprehensive view of your pet's health status. 

Wellness Exams
Jamestown Veterinary Hospital subscribes to preventative care for your pet. We recommend an annual physical exam for pets under 8 years and twice yearly for pets that have reached their senior years. Pets age more rapidly than their owners. Some age related diseases detected early can be controlled through medications or simple adjustments to the diet.

We recommend a vaccination schedule that is appropriate based on the age and lifestyle of your pet. DHLPP vaccine is usually given at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks. A booster is given one year later. Rabies vaccination is given with the last DHLPP. The first Rabies vaccination protects your pet for one year, and the following Rabies vaccines protect for three years. Rabies vaccine is required by law and needed for licensing.

Bordetella (kennel cough) is given annually for dogs boarding at kennels, attending training classes, or dog shows

Ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling the teeth under the gum line help reduce the recurrence of tarter buildup. Dental cleaning for dogs and cats help to ensure optimal oral health.

 Baths and Grooming
Pets are received in the morning and are ready for you by the afternoon. Contact us for rates, availability and an appointment.

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